Lavender Fever

Terre Bleu Lavendar Farm storage shed

Terre Bleu lavendar farm

Casual style shot taken in front of the lavender fields

Rows of lavender at Terre Bleu in Milton

Purple lavender rows at lavender farm in Milton called Terre Bleu

Enjoying the lavender scent in the air

Lavender flavored ice cream

Zara striped top, Asos denim jacket, vintage shorts, Aritzia crossbody & Maje necklace 

Lavender fields have always been a sort of thing of the imagination to me. Dreams of visiting the vibrantly lined fields in the countryside of Provence, southern France, is something I hope to one day scratch off my bucket list. Only a few weeks ago did I discover a little farm closer to home called Terre Bleu, tucked away in a town north of Toronto. Of course, I told the boo about it right away and dragged him along to fulfill my purple dreams. I have to say, I’m always so grateful for his easy going personality – he’s always open to my ideas and down for the ride.

It’s amazing how quickly you can find yourself surrounded by fields and fields of rural landscape just 40 mins away from the metropolis. When we arrived, I could hardly contain my excitement – I cannot describe in words how amazingly fragrant and crisp the air smelt on that overcast day. The soft breeze carried traces of perfume everywhere and I couldn’t be happier about that. I found myself wafting and rebelliously finding any opportunity I could to rub myself with the plant hoping the scent would linger (mind you, touching was forbidden). I may have very well taken an afternoon nap too had it not been for the crowd. To top off the cool afternoon, Jackson and I treated ourselves to a scoop of the most perfect, creamy pastel, lavender ice cream. Let’s just say my lavender dreams have very much been satisfied…at least for now!

Photos by Jackson Shen 

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