Revisited & Reinspired

Shot taken at UofT campus during the last of the golden hour. Wearing a classic outfit, top from zara, culotte bottoms from uniqlo and brown leather crossbody bag from Aritzia

Laughing and having fun

Effortless chic

Close up detailed shot showcasing the jewelry I am wearing. Depicting a maje coin necklace, a brown leather crossbody bag by Aritzia, Fossil brown leather watch and Club Monaco bracelet.

Another close up shot of the dainty jewelry that I am wearing - H&M rings, Fossil Jacqueline watch, Club Monaco gold bracelet with aqua details, Aritzia brown leather crossbody bag.

classic outfit with contrast of sun and shadow

Simple classic outfit on the bench


Burying my head in bushes of flowers

H&M camisole, Zara linen top, Uniqlo culottes, Aritzia bag and Lucky brand sandals
Photos by Jackson ShenΒ 

If you live in Toronto, then chances are you have more likely than not been to the University of Toronto campus downtown. Jackson and I have been to this campus more times than we can count (he did his undergrad there and I took a few courses), but sometimes we come back just to revisit the older architecture as well as to stroll around and see what new gems we might stumble upon. I’ve noticed we seem to make the most discoveries when we wander off and let magic take its course. I remember we once found a little secluded square garden surrounded by Georgian styled residences with neatly kept blooms and hedges. We thought the space was so charming that we would come by every so often with Popeyes fried chicken and picnic there as we talked, laughed and stared up at our unobstructed view of the sky. It was in these moments that we’d feel lost in time…don’t you love it when you find these little places that transport you out of the city even though you’re right in the heart of it?

When we came back this time around, we were introducing little Leo to some spots we had already discovered. I couldn’t help but still admire how beautiful the campus was in every direction I looked. It was in the awe of that moment that sparked the idea for my blog name! They say to find the magic in the mundane… and I hope to show you a perspective through my lens and more of the little things that inspire me.

Lastly, on another note, can I just say that I wish the culotte trend would go on forever? They are the most comfortable pair of bottoms I own! It’s a shame I won’t be able to wear these as often as the temperatures are quickly dropping here in Toronto.

Stay tuned and I hope you all have a lovely and toasty weekend!


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