NYC Diary

Photo of the skyscrapers in nyc on the Brooklyn Bridge. Ootd photo, Aritzia murphy blouse, Aritzia high waisted pants, Keds white sneakers and Matt and Nat backpack.

Ootd look by the justice house in nyc Dumbo


Details of a fall outfit.

Looking off into the distance as I sit by the MET wearing an Aritzia floral dress and Keds women's ace sneakers in white


Outfit shot by the met featuring green floral Effet dress by Aritzia, brown leather crossbody by Aritzia and white women's ace sneakers by Keds


Aritzia effet dress in green floral, women's ace sneakers by Keds. Location at the MET museum.

Outfit post by a japanese shrine instalment at the MET museum. Wearing a Club Monaco navy blue duster coat, green floral Effet dress by Aritzia, and women's ace sneakers by Keds.

Sobaya NYC featuring their

First outfit: Aritzia blouse, Aritzia high rise pants, Matt & Nat backpack, Ked sneakers
Second outfit: Aritzia floral dress, Club Monaco duster coat, Ked sneakers, Aritzia crossbody

Just looking at those soba noodles is making me hungry as I write this post!! It feels as though I’ve been gone for a few days too long and I’m starting to think this blog could use a little more love. A couple of days ago, I happened to pick up the camera and was reminded of our little NYC trip from a few weeks ago that I have yet to share, so here they are!

I think travelling is one of those things everyone can agree they need more of (who doesn’t want to see and explore the world?), so when Jackson and I managed to coordinate our work schedules, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. We reserved four days off to explore the concrete jungle and over-ambitiously packed our schedule with as many activities as humanely possible. I hadn’t visited the city in 5 years and it was Jackson’s first time so we wanted to cover all our bases. There were just way too many things to see in too little time!

We spent most of our time on our feet so I was thankful that the past Michelle had the wisdom to pack a pair of versatile white sneakers with orthopaedic padding for added comfort. Dresses were another intuitive piece to pack since they are so easy. The dress I was wearing is one I recently purchased from Aritzia which I absolutely adore. The shape is so feminine and flattering and hugs me in all the right places, not to mention the slit in the back adds a flirty element.

Well, I’m not quite sure how we did it but somehow we managed to check off most of the landmarks on our to-do list including the MET, MoMA, Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Top of the Rock Observatory, Wall Street, 5th Ave/SOHO, Central Park, New York Public Library and Grand Central Station. We also visited a restaurant featured on Buzzfeed Worth It Youtube series that we were eager to try, which absolutely livened up our food experience! We even joked about making food reaction videos of our own but quickly shot down that idea to spare potentially awkward yummy food sounds.

Unfortunately we ran short of time and decided we would see the iconic Statue of Liberty next time we were back, but in hindsight, Jackson and I both agreed we would have skipped the observatory to see the statue instead. We visited the deck at sunset which seemed like the most popular hour as it was so overwhelmingly crowded that you would have been lucky if you got a turn by the viewing glass. The tickets costed us nearly $100 CAD. We only spent about 40 minutes before we decided to leave and we couldn’t help but feel like we had fallen for a tourist trap. The Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park were much better alternatives in comparison – it was much less crowded, offered a cool breeze, and a spectacular view at no cost too! Despite this, Jackson and I were still so captivated by the beautiful city. The upbeat, fast paced energy was palpable and so contagious. By the end of our trip, we both felt we had barely scratched the surface of what NYC has to offer and I can say I am already looking forward to the next time we’re back. I have a feeling there are tons of hidden gems like antique stores and flea markets tucked away just waiting to be discovered!


Photos by Jackson Shen


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