Sunday Best

Outfit post by all this pretty fall foliage and colour. Wearing the Neelam jacket by Aritzia, wilfred diamond mosaic triangle, Maje coin necklace and Uniqlo turtleneck.


Wearing the Aritzia Neelam jacket, Sunday best Lyra skirt.

Ootd look featuring Neelam jacket by Aritzia, Uniqlo turtleneck, Lyra skirt by Sunday Best, and Zara black crossbody.

IMG_9424_Facetune_02-11-2018-23-29-52 2

Uniqlo top, Sunday Best checkered skirt, Wilfred scarf, Wilfred checkered coat, Franco Sarto ankle boots, Zara crossbody, Olivia Burton watchย 

Photos by Jackson Shenย 

It’s that time of year when temperatures start to drop and you can see the condensation of your breath float in the air as you exhale. It is quickly getting chilly here in Toronto and I don’t normally tolerate the cold very well, but there are so many things I look forward to that make it all worth it… like the beautiful, vibrant colours of foliage on every street, sweaters and endless layering opportunities, hot milk chocolate and a good novel, and the natural flush the brisk winds bring to your cheeks which make you look as though you’re actually blushing!

If you ask anyone in Toronto, I’m quite sure they would agree with me that there’s a very short transitional period here where one can get away with wearing any type of skirt without freezing their butts off. I purchased this checkered skirt weeks ago but haven’t had the chance to wear it as it seems like it has been raining almost everyday, so as soon as the rain ceased and the sun came out, Jackson and I rushed outside to enjoy the last of the golden hour. I am absolutely smitten for this skirt. I had been searching for one like it for a while and am so happy I found it – it’s the perfect fall colour and has such a classic fit which would suit any body type, not to mention it also matches one of Jackson’s plaid shirts (totally unintentional). I am definitely a classics-over-trends kind of girl and love when a piece can be worn over and over again while still looking polished. I can already see so many different ways I’ll be pairing this piece, and you can bet I’ll be getting a bang for my buck as I will be living in it for the remaining 2 weeks of somewhat skirt-appropriate weather. Winter is comingggg!

Hope you guys are enjoying a toasty weekend!



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