Pastel Winter

monochromatic outfit look

winter pastel monochromatic lookClose up outfit shot dsc_0154Featuring wilfred pastel purple sweater, Babaton skirt, Chloe bagFierce walkingsnapseed 6Monochromatic purple outfit look wilfred sweater, babaton skirt, club monaco fedoraPosing in front of the hedges Wanderlust look Aga khan museum in the backgroundToronto is cold The wind almost blew my hat off img_0048_facetune_04-01-2019-13-31-22
Wilfred sweater, vintage top, Babaton skirt, Club Monaco fedora, Jeffrey Campbell boots & Chloe bag

I’m entering this new year on a bright note! After a night of drinks, laughter and blaring fireworks on new year’s eve, the first day of the year welcomed blue skies and a soft sunlight glow – in other words, the perfect conditions for shooting. Needless to say, Jacksonย and I immediately headed outside to the Aga Khan Museum to take advantage of the beautiful day which carried over feelings of encouragement, optimism and excitement from the night before. I couldn’t help but feel like we were greeted with the warmest welcoming (quite literally) into the new year! The rest of the afternoon pretty much consisted of me giddily twirling away in this cool pastel outfit, laughing and smiling cheek to cheek, soaking in the new day and not to mention this new Chloe bag (which can I just say I am utterly and wholeheartedly in love with? I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way about an object before. I mean….). It’s the perfect classic yet modern twist on the saddle bag and can be worn with anything. You guys will be seeing more of this beauty because I definitely won’t be taking it off for a while!

You also might be wondering if I am crazy in my mind for wearing an outfit like this on a winter day in Toronto, but don’t worry, I actually have on underneath many base layers from Uniqlo. They have been my saving grace this winter and are seriously effective at keeping you warm in negative temp weather so you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function. If you live in a place with cold climates, I would highly recommend them!

My next two weeks are packed with a long list of course videos and applications, and then I’m off to a week of paradise with some of my closest friends which I absolutely cannot wait for! I can’t say how lucky I feel to already be starting the year off with a new adventure. What did everyone get up to for new years and what kind of adventures are waiting for you this year?


Photos by Jackson Shen

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