Jane birken simple country style

Simple jane birken outfitSimple chic Jane Birkenjane birken basketsJane birken chic

I know I say I try to stay away from trends, but there are a few popular trends that I am absolutely loving lately – and I can’t help but notice that many of them resonate with the simple and classic aesthetic that was made iconic by English-French singer and actress, Jane Birkin (I mean Hermes didn’t name their most iconic bag after her for no reason). Her look is so iconic that she’s right up there with Audrey Hepburn, whose style I also adore.

There are many pieces that are synonymous with Jane’s effortless and breezy vibe, like cute and playful off the shoulder tops, straight legged, wide legged jeans, flirty floral patterned sun dresses, and not to mention the iconic basket bag – all of which just happen to be simultaneously making a huge comeback at the moment?! Her look is now more shoppable than ever before which is a huge plus for me as I’ve always been a fan, except I am seeing so many adorable numbers that I’m feeling compelled to purchase everything! My poor wallet…I mean, at least they’re all classics, right?

2 thoughts on “Jane

  1. I did not know about Jane Birkin before, but you are right – the stores are full of items that she would have worn (and I love them <3)
    Thanks for this interesting post! πŸ™‚
    xx Eliane

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