Coco Paris blazer, vintage top, vintage high waisted shorts, vintage straw bag, Stuart Weitzman strappy heels 

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted on my blog, but the past few post-less weeks have not been in vain. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know I had been job-searching and I’m excited to say I’ve finally secured a position intersecting at data science and healthcare which was what I had been studying online for! That said, with one less worry, I’ll finally have more energy to direct towards being creative and bringing vibrant ideas to life, which in turn gives me life.

The great thing is that during my blogging ‘down-time’ when I’m ‘offline’, I’m still finding sources of inspiration in so many different places that spark something inside of me. I suppose that’s why every time I come back from a break, my content style slightly shifts – and it’s only been a few months too!

My most recent inspirations come from a few different places and are not always style-related, namely long walks with Leo, and of course other kindred souls on Instagram. One of them being yogi sjanaelise, who’s spirit shines so bright and whose writing can make anyone feel connected, as well as amandangocnguyen, a fellow Vietnamese North-American, women’s rights activist and aspiring astronaut. Where do you find your inspiration and who inspires you?


Photos by Jackson Shen

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