Billowy Heights

Wilfred linen dress, vintage headscarf, vintage straw bag & Sperry loafers 

Summer has long passed in Toronto what with the onset of inches of snow, but I figured I would post these photos anyway however late they be, on the off chance it can serve some style inspiration for those who are still lucky enough to be basking in the sun. After all, these days you can peruse glamorous vacation photos all year round on IG at your fingertips – browsing through feeds can sometimes make you lose all sense of time (literally and figuratively!).

Looking back on these photos brings fond memories of the hot, lazy summer days spent picnicking at the dog park with Jackson, as we lay in the grass with a comforting book in hand as little Leo pranced about in all his joy and glory across the flush green fields, helping himself to any adventure he can find. It makes me giggle just thinking about it and I swear I can happily watch him play for hours and never tire. Quintessential to this lazy summer affair is of course, a breezy white linen dress – perfect for picnics, beaches and sunsets. I absolutely adore the soft and billowy element of this dress and it is so incredibly easy to dress up by adding a black blazer and a pair of heels or dress down whilst still looking effortless and fresh. What summer staple is more essential?

Photos by Jackson Shen 

2 thoughts on “Billowy Heights

  1. What a pretty summer outfit! We’re in the midst of snowy weather where I live too, but this will give me inspiration for next summer!



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