On Cloud Wine

Vintage Pleated Skirt / Vintage Camisole/ Vintage Sheer Blouse / Auxiliary Messenger Bag / Sperry Loafers

One of my favourite things to do in the world is being a tourist – even at home. There are so many treasures that surround you, even in your daily routine, so long as you branch out and open your attention to them. Jax and I were craving for a new adventure in the summertime when we found this neighbouring city online which we’d never heard of, only two hours away, and sprawled with local vineyards, food trucks and farm-to-table restaurants. We were thrilled to find it as we’d both been craving a quiet escape from the city. So, we packed our things, Leo, and left in the morning for a day trip.

Prince Edward County is one of those quaint places you read about in books, boasting kilometres of untouched land (which Leo was thrilled about), humble family owned businesses, natural coast beaches with sand so soft your feet would feel delighted to walk through, and fresh foods at local farmer markets and restaurants. In my mind, this is exactly what home, comfort and leisure feels like. We drove and stopped to explore wherever we pleased, unbound by time, the complete opposite of what city life feels like. I suppose I am a simple girl at heart after all?

At midday, Jax and I stopped by one of the local vineyards named Sandbanks, which offered to give a free tour of their estate. I was fascinated as we learned about how their grapes were grown and harvested – did you know that white and red wines are not distinguished by the parts of grape used, but rather by the type of grape? I had no idea Muscat grapes could be purple! We opted for our first wine tasting experience after the tour and left with goodies, including the first ever wine they produced, their Baco Noir – a rich and chocolatey red wine, as well as a Pinot Grigio variety.

For this day trip, I decided to wear something breezy and comfortable to walk in. It was a rather hot day and I knew we would be on our feet for hours on end. I always try to be mindful of where I am going to plan my look accordingly. This outfit paired perfectly with the charming and relaxed scenery, not to mention almost everything I wore that day is vintage and thrifted, tying along nicely with the simple and sustainable lifestyle we saw.

This cute flower patterned skirt was easily my favourite vintage find of the season. A classic looking piece that is so effortless to wear, creating that summery and feminine Reformation look I love, without the Reformation price tag. Also, can you believe this skirt was 4 sizes too large for me when I purchased it? It just goes to show how easily garments can be refashioned, and what wonders a good tailor can do.

Ohhhh, the beauty of simplicity.

Photos by Jackson ShenΒ 


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