Wilfred Ninette Dress / J Crew Suede Slides /  Chloe Drew Bag  

Have I ever sung to you about how much I adore dresses? I think out of all the different forms that clothing comes in, dresses easily top this list in terms of both practicality and aesthetic. As a rule of thumb, when shopping for pieces to add to my wardrobe, I like to consider how the article in question would refine my process for getting dressed. Dresses make this process measurably easier, you just have to select one and throw it on et voila! They also come in all sorts of shapes and designs and can also be layered to transition from day to night….the possibilities are infinite. A little backstory for this eye-pleasing lavender number: I have a little tradition I like to keep up for myself, and that is each year on my birthday, I treat myself to a dress which makes me feel particularly confident and comfortable. The moment I tried on this lovely wrap dressI knew instantly that this was going to be my birthday dress. This was the look I wore out to dinner with some friends. Now I just need to practice restraint on how many dresses I purchase lately… it’s starting to look like it’s my birthday everyday!

Photos by Jackson Shen

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