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Vintage Coat / Paige Straight Leg Denim / Vintage Sweater / J Crew Suede flats / Auxiliary Belt and Messenger Bag / Hand Knitted Wool Scarf

Have you ever experienced a moment so serendipitous that it feels as though the universe had moved time and space to plant that exact experience to greet you? I usually don’t let myself get caught up in these types of thoughts, and I usually convince myself of the opposite, which is the fact that the world simply does not revolve around me. Lately however, I cannot help but feel this way about many things that have been springing up in my life, and for the better too – including the time I found this neat little cobalt blue number while I was shopping for vintage finds. Am I being overdramatic about a vintage coat? Perhaps. Likely. Positively. But I dare say this is one of the most flattering coats I’ve ever worn and I have not seen anything like it in commercial stores which makes it all the more special. The colour is lovely, and the way it drapes and holds its shape is beautiful. To top it all off, I practically stole this piece for the ridiculously good price I paid for it. Call it what you will, but I’ll say it was fate – divine intervention.

A few things have been going on as of late, and I am excited to share that I’ll be preparing to move to a new place in the next coming weeks. On top of work, I’ll be busy packing and rediscovering old treasures, but will definitely be getting back into the groove of posting more often.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!



Photos by JaxΒ 

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