Wilfred beanie / Wilfred scarf / Babaton coat / Mother skinny jeans / Arctica combat boots 

Dressing in the wintertime can sometimes get a little bit dreary – the surroundings become void of colours and I often find myself reaching for neutral earthy tones, and all shades of grey to suit the monochromatic background. The icy chill in the air can pierce right through to your bones, which is why efficient and warm dressing becomes absolutely essential. If you are by any chance visiting and thinking about packing clothes that bare any skin, even cropped jeans at the ankles, I’d advise you to forget about it because winters in Canada are no joke!

This lovely beanie and scarf set that I received for Christmas have been adding so much inspiration and excitement back into my otherwise muted outfits, adding a pop of co-ordinated colour yet still remaining subdued – it really is everything I want and more. These pieces are made of a luxurious and velvety soft cashmere which feels like I’m wrapping myself in a puff of warm clouds every time I put it on. I’m fairly convinced I can nap on the spot the moment I put these on. This would explain why I haven’t been able to take it off and literally want to wear it all the time. I find I’ve also been able to shed some thick winter layers whilst still staying toasty (and sometimes sweaty!) and allowing me to move freely. Talk about efficiency and aesthetics. I don’t know about you, but I’m now feeling very peachy about winter.


Photos by Jax 

2 thoughts on “Peachy

    1. Thanks so much! It also makes me so happy when a reader comments so thanks so much for stopping by! It’s funny how the lack of sunshine changes our wardrobe perspective. Sometimes we just have to add our own dose of colour and warmth πŸ™‚

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