Minimal casual outfit look Washington D.C.

National Postal Museum in Washington DC stepsStair profile at Washington National Postal Museum National Gallery of Art Washington USANational Gallery of Art Washington DC ootdDSC_0447Washington DC National Postal Museum fashion  IMG_4148_Facetune_23-02-2020-09-41-59
Wilfred coat / Hand knit scarf / Zara rollneck top / Rag & Bone jeans / Auxiliary belt / Franco Sarto bootsย 

One of the silver linings of being apart from Jax is being able to explore the quirks and charms of a new city together. A few weeks ago, I flew out to visit him over the weekend and for the first time, I roamed the streets of Washington D.C. in complete awe of the grand concrete architecture and the surprising sense of quiet calmness that permeated the city. Poised and grand – it was just what I imagined it to be; Toronto felt like a city worlds apart in comparison, with all of its loud street traffic, skyscraper buildings and general busy-ness. One of my biggest surprises was learning that a building height act which took place in 1910, prohibited any of the buildings in the city to be more than 10 stories high, or higher than the Capitol building. This partially explained the serene atmosphere I sensed in the city.

Our days were jam packed with excursions to many different museums and art exhibitions, including the works of the late but legendary Hokusai. I decided to keep my look fairly simple much like the backdrop, and opted for something relaxed, warm, and practical. This is precisely the kind of minimal look you might find me in on any typical day. I suppose if it’s one thing I learned from visiting Washington D.C., it’s that something does not need to be loud to be considered interesting…that and the amazingness of Halal Guys!

I’ll be seeing Jax in Washington again in a matter of two short weeks and I absolutely cannot wait to capture more of this beautiful city. I hope everyone is staying warm and having a lovely weekend.


Photos by Jaxย 

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