ootd, airport outfit, bootcamp chic, monochromatic look, beige everyday

DSCF2610BDG cream pants, banana republic top, beige look monochromatic lookclassic beige styling, nude outfit
Banana Republic drape top, BDG cargo pants, Vintage coat, Franco Sarto Bootsย 

Nothing like spicing up your style adventures by rummaging through both your mother and sister’s wardrobes to put together a glamorous-casual airport type of look, right? Then proceeding to snap photos at your local community centre as you notice your sister become especially shy because she might be amongst her peers? Then break out your best and most dramatic poses in hopes you’ll shake off her timidness and get her to laugh out loud. I can’t believe I just told you that, but in case you were needing some ideas of things to do, it’s a sure way to liven up any mundane weekend afternoon.

And truthfully, I haven’t felt so creative or had as much fun in a while as I tried to coordinate a look from wardrobes that are both 10+ years before and ahead of my time….in my experience, a monochromatic look can strike the perfect balance and is a strategy that can never do you wrong. At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun with whatever you’re doing….never forget to have fun.

Stay golden, lovelies.

Photos by Kayla Buiย 

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