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Vintage coat / Wilfred jumper & trousers / Keds sneakers / Mansur Gavriel bucket bag 

On my last trip to Washington D.C., I was already impressed with my discovery of Halal Guys, and honestly speaking, this discovery alone was enough to make my trip noteworthy. My second time around, I set my expectations low, but low and behold, Washington showed me more of its charms. Jax and I discovered new parts of the city as we ventured past Chinatown, where we dined at easy going low key restaurants that lined the streets, and paid visits to quaint and charming second hand book stores, the kind that have firefly lights strung across their bookshelves. This time, we also made sure to set aside time to visit all the iconic monuments, including the colossal and jaw dropping Lincoln Memorial. We even got to see the floating Jane Goodall exhibition at the National Geographic Museum, possibly my favourite part of the trip. I suppose some part of me has always wanted to go far off into a leafy jungle and cohabit with animals? Perhaps in my next lifetime… but I digress.

For this trip, I packed a luggage full of my most warm, practical and layer-friendly pieces. Whenever I travel, my goal is always to preserve as much time as possible to discovery and exploration, so comfort and fuss free decisiveness are absolutely essential!

Ever wonder how men get ready so quickly? Aside from the fact that they generally have less complicated skincare and makeup rituals, they are often more decisive with their outfits, and I think I’ve figured out why.

I’ve pondered this before, and after some careful observation of my own real time test subject (Jax), I’ve concluded that this must be because they’ve nailed down their foundational basics – opting to purchase the same quality pieces in multiple colours, and sticking to an overall colour schema in their wardrobe of simple and practical pieces. No wonder anything he throws on ends up looking coordinated and smart! Meanwhile, there I was with a closet full of clashing patterns, prints and bold colours.

Ever since I made this discovery (thanks Jax), I set off to curate a foundational wardrobe of my own…and I now implement this kind of selection process whenever I shop, by asking myself how well the new piece would harmonize with everything else I already own. And you know what? So far, it’s worked! And I don’t shy away from bold prints and colours either, but have found a way for all of my pieces to be in harmony with one another. On the days I find myself getting ready quicker than Jax, I pride myself and let out a little victory chuckle. Funnily enough, he has absolutely no clue we were even competing to begin with…. not until he reads this post that is!

This strategy becomes ever more imperative for me when packing for travel, and hopefully some of these tips prove helpful to you too, when the day comes where we can travel freely again. I wanted to say a quick word in light of the COVID-19 pandemic which is sweeping across the globe and leaving a devastating mess in its wake. I hope everyone is staying inside, staying safe and calm, and extending a helping hand to those who are more vulnerable. It has been difficult, but we will all get through this together. I’ve been occupying myself with plenty of reading, exercise, cooking. What kinds of things have you been doing to keep busy?

Photos by Jax

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