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Vintage Jumper / Paige Straight Legged Denim / Auxiliary Messenger / Hand Knitted Scarf / Keds Sneakers 

Looking at these photos brings me back to a time just a few weeks ago when I was moving through the streets of Washington under the bright sun and gentle breeze, feeling like actual sunshine in my favourite, creamy vintage cashmere jumper which I’d gotten an at an amazing bargain.

It’s during these strange pandemic times that I recognize all the little joys of my daily routine I might have taken for granted, like seeing all the cute smiling doggies hopping  on the sidewalk on my daily walk to and from the office, saying hello to friendly faces, laughing and joking with friends, and even getting dressed. The idea of working at home all day in my P.J.s, and snacking (and baking) endlessly somehow looked and sounded so much better in my head than it turned out to be in reality (trust me, you really don’t want to see). My friends and I have joked about what everyone will come out looking like when all of this is over, what with all their grooming rituals put on hold.

I often still feel a bit off balance, but I’ve managed to restore some sense of normalcy (not driving myself crazy) during this time by always having a cup of citrus or green tea at my desk, a daily workout, lots of reading, the daily neighbourhood cheers for our frontline healthcare workers, and forcing myself to get out of my P.J.s and throwing on something which sparks joy, like this sunny yellow jumper. These quiet moments have also been letting me practice other lifestyle habits I always wanted to get better at, like meditation.

Since we have all been advised to stay indoors for quite some time, I won’t have as many outdoor outfit posts to share, but I am thinking about switching it up a bit and posting about other topics I am passionate about such as beauty, skincare and some of my lifestyle philosophies.

And you if you might have been expecting some reading list based on the photos above, here are a few books which I recently finished reading and enjoyed. I tend to gravitate towards self-help books but also love a good fiction novel. If you have any recommendations please leave them below!

  • Becoming by Michelle Obama: an autobiography of Michelle Obama’s life; she describes what life was like leading up to her husband’s presidency as well as life within the WhiteHouse, and the causes she has chosen to champion during that time. An overall empowering and inspiring read – I was hoping to get some insight into her mindset and philosophy which would glean insight into how she makes decisions and approaches her work and life, which I think I found my answer to by the end of the book.
  • Mindset by Carol S. Dweck: this book was recommended read by Bill Gates so I figured it might be insightful. It summarizes the research findings of a psychologist who proposes that there are primarily two types of mindsets: growth and fixed mindset. It was eye-opening and helpful to evaluate the areas in my life where I adopted a fixed mindset (because you can have both in different aspects of your life), the first step to making the changes necessary to work towards framing things in a growth mindset.
  • Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg: a great read for women who are looking to progress their business/corporate careers…Sandberg encourages women to lean into sitting at the table, voicing their opinions and practice advocating for themselves.


Photos by Jax 

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