Mango Season

Emme Parsons sandals minimal
Wilfred bermuda shorts linen tawny
Sarah & Sebastian Cancer
Mango season bermuda shorts filt bag

Life has been so much simpler for me during these past few months of working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced many of us to slow down and get accustomed to a different pace of life. I’ve settled into a solid routine of preparing a cup of green tea in the mornings, getting my workouts in mid-day, and visiting the markets for fresh in-season finds. These are my little sources of day-to-day joy now. What I have been choosing to wear now is also a sign of the times – I’ve been investing in nothing but simple and practical basics, pieces I know will serve their time and will always have a place in my wardrobe, and not to mention make the process of getting dressed less of a fiasco and more of a no-brainer.

My latest obsession are these tan linen bermuda shorts which are perfect for transitional season dressing and any occasion, including work, a casual outing with friends which I am dearly missing, and for trekking in the Amazonian Rainforest or an African safari, of course? You never know what kind of adventures you’ll be in for after the pandemic settles right?

It seems the rest of the fashion world and I share a similar sentiment as I’ve noticed many other simple wardrobe staples, like white linen dresses, a crisp white shirt and the like grabbing the sartorial spotlight on other blogs and editorials. What else explains the comeback of the prairie-dressing trend with their puffy sleeves and waist cinching silhouettes other than a desire to return to simpler times, where we didn’t have to deal with global issues like a pandemic and a climate crisis, among others? I for one am glad that reaching for basics means I have one less decision to fuss over.

But I digress! When I started writing this post, all I actually wanted to talk about is how happy I am that mangoes are now in season now. What little things are bringing you joy during these times?


Photos by Jax

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