Let’s Talk, PEC

Prince Edward County Aritzia Wilfred Dress


Minimal Streetstyle color




Emme Parsons

Emme Parsons Mango

Wilfred Navy Blue Contessa Dress Aritzia


Wilfred dress / Vintage straw bag / Emme Parsons sandals

Jax and I celebrated our 6th anniversary two weeks ago, and as much as we wanted to do something special, our options were limited due to COVID-19. Remembering what a hidden gem Prince Edward County was, which I wrote about here, we decided to make a charming, local getaway out of our weekend. With no plans in mind, we packed our things and drove 2 hours East to Prince Edward County on a whim. Luckily for us, most of the wineries were open at this point and offering wine tastings al fresco. The pandemic spurred a shortage of tourists, which enabled us to enjoy the natural beauty of the expansive vineyard and lakeside views. I feel the need to mention here that prior to the trip, we had both been quarantining properly for months, and throughout the weekend, Jax and I were careful to wear our face masks when we were outside at all times, kept a good social distance, and were diligent with sanitizing our hands often.

Patio dining was available at some of the restaurants, but we decided to minimize risk by visiting organic farmer markets for fresh produce and cooking our own meals instead. And let me tell you, what a huge difference it makes in how food tastes! Jax and I discovered the impact of buying fresh foods from local farmers rather than large supermarket chains in the city….before this weekend, I don’t think I truly ever knew the taste and depth of flavour a natural onion has to offer?

On the first evening, Jax insisted on cooking and prepared the meal pictured above, which was as delicious as it looked: a clam linguine, butter seared scallops and some roasted vegetables. It was so delicious that I didn’t believe him when he told me it was his first attempt at making this pasta and the seared scallops. He is a natural cook but it always amazes me how he can just wing certain things and not mess up so well!

The airbnb we rented for the weekend featured a cute backyard which offered a little picnic bench and table outside where we sat for our first night. Dinner had taken some time to prepare and the sun was setting so we were in a hurry to finish our meal before the glow of light disappeared. At one point, we turned to admire the garden when we began to notice hundreds of little lights twinkling and floating about. I had no idea what they were until we took a closer look and ecstatically discovered they were fireflies lighting their biological lanterns! I was in utter awe. Fireflies!! This was probably the most memorable part of our weekend trip for me and for some reason, seeing fireflies twinkling around for the first time made my heart light up with so much joy – I was in gleeful excitement like a child again. Some of you might be thinking this isn’t a big deal, but this kind of sight just simply does not exist in the city and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the simple magic and romance of it all. Talk about great timing too.

The rest of the evening slipped away from us as we drank our wines, turned red from drinking wine, and happily chatted away, admiring all that we had encountered that day.Β  It was a great start to our modest getaway, but more than what I could have asked for, and I could not have been happier, heart and belly so full.


Photos by JaxΒ 

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